"Communication in Slovene" Slovensko Slovensko

Manual of Style

the goal of the activity is to identify Slovene speakers’ key difficulties in text production and to analyse, with reference to text production, the current response of Slovene speakers to general language use in combination with the conventions in the existing normative reference books for Slovene.
the purpose is an investigation into the possibilities of shifting the weight of linguistic competence in text production from the language specialist to the speaker with good access to modern language technology tools.
the manual will contain information on:
orthographic convention dilemmas
difficulties of style
formal aspects of text production (text structuring, quotation standards, bibliography and index compilation rules, etc.)
technical aspects of text production (characteristics of printed/electronic texts, sign encoding, and similar.)
manual of style compilation will be in progress from January 2010 to December 2013

Leader: Simon Krek, Amebis, d.o.o., Jožef Stefan Institute