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On 6 February 2009, the conference Dictionaries, More Than Words took place at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana. The full programme of the conference which was part of the Communication in Slovene project was recorded and is available at www.videolectures.net, and the materials presented by speakers are available at the links below.

Dictionaries, More Than Words

Participants were greeted by:
Anton Grizold, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences
Majda Širca, Minister of Culture
Igor Lukšič, Minister of Education and Sport

Conference programme

Patrick Hanks Compiling a Monolingual Dictionary for Native Speakers Predstavitev Video predstavitev
František Čermák Lexicographer's notes related to a corpus-based dictionary Predstavitev Video predstavitev
Nataša Logar The Corpus: It's not just words! (in Slovene) Predstavitev Video predstavitev
Špela Arhar Language Technologies and New Methods (in Slovene) Predstavitev Video predstavitev
Polona Gantar The Lexical Database: Everything you always wanted to know about the language (in Slovene) Predstavitev Video predstavitev
Simon Krek From "SSKJ" to the Web Portal of Standard Slovene Language (in Slovene) Predstavitev Video predstavitev
Marko Stabej Dictionaries and Speakers: Going at it like cats and dogs? (in Slovene) Predstavitev Video predstavitev

The public discussion portion began with a short presentation by Jure Zupan, (National Institute of Chemistry) who presented his concept of a hierarchically organized dictionary of the meanings of Slovene words (in Slovene). Predstavitev Video predstavitev
His presentation was followed by the public discussion. Video predstavitev

Photos from the conference

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Utrinki z konference
Utrinki z konference Utrinki z konference