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On 3 and 4 February 2010, the first international "Sketch Grammar Workshop" was held at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana, organized within the "Communication in Slovene" project. The materials presented by the speakers are available at the links below.

Sketch Grammar Workshop

Adam Kilgarriff Introductions, meeting goals, corpus development plans: New Model Corpus, BiWeC, Corpus Factory, open-access Predstavitev
Word Sketch Evaluation Predstavitev
Subcorpus configuration Predstavitev
Recent developments and the development plan Predstavitev
Carole Tiberius The Sketch Engine for Dutch with the ANW corpus Predstavitev
Irena Srdanović Japanese word sketches: towards a new version Predstavitev
Maria Khokhlova Russian Word Sketches Predstavitev
Núria Bel The FlaReNet project - documentation and metadata description of language resources Predstavitev
Pavel Rychlý Some less frequently used features of the sketch grammar query language Predstavitev
Extensions (completed, and planned) to formalism Predstavitev
Simon Krek Slovene lexical database & sketch grammar Predstavitev Predstavitev Predstavitev
Vladimír Benko, Simon Krek Two models of sketch grammar for Slavic languages Predstavitev Predstavitev

Photos from the workshop

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